The Final Band-Statement (September 2005):

Hi bastards,
sad but true, Krombacherkellerkinder are history now. This is our last statement after hanging around in the punk and hardcore community for over 12 years. You all gave us a lot and we hope we gave you a piece back with our shows and records. THANKS to everyone who supported us in any way, organised a show for us, give us food and a place to sleep. This record is for you!!!
As you all know we stopped playing live one year ago, and maybe you are asking yourself why these guys drop out a new record. The simple fact is that we have this 12 songs unreleased, and in our point of view they are worth to release. We hope you feel the same and have fun with this shit.

Stay true and rebel 4 life
Yours Krombacherkellerkinder 2k5

The Band:
Dave – guitar, vocals
Bo – bass, vocals
Schulz - drums

Krombacherkellerkinder, the band Dave Horrorbiz is playing guitar in and raising his voice for. Without this band Horror Business Records would never exist. The label once was formed to release their first record. The bandhistory is surely a typical story like you heard thousand times before: The band started with six members in 1993 covering their faves like Bad Religion, Misfits, Social Distortion, Slime, Nofx, Hass, ...
At least the band was Schulz (drums) and Dave (guitar, voice) both from the first line-up and a „new“ bassplayer Bo, he joined playing in Krombacherkk around 1998.

The bandname has often been associated to the german punk scene, the guys don´t care and hold on. The band never tried to reinvent the wheel, they just play their own style: “old school hardcore punk” from the heart with power and passion. True to the scene without jumping on the recent trends.They formed their own style and sound, they never wanna copy other bands. The are often compared to Gorilla Biscuits, Slapshot, Uniform Choice, Minor Threat, 7 Seconds – that´s not covering all but the band can live with that comparisson, because all this bands are great.

After touring and playing their asses off over the years in hundreds of shows in squats, festivals, youthclubs, support shows for US Bombs, Satanic Surfers, Ignite, Last Man Standing, Venerea, Phobia, ... the time has come to say goodbye.

1994 Live Demo
1995 Promo-Tape
1996 Demo ´93-´96
1996 CD - "Krombacherkellerkinder" s/t
1997 Warschauer CD-Beilage 1 Song
1997 Sampler Beitrag "Rabauz die 2. CD"
1997 Olli-Videos (Live in Senftenberg)
1997 Sampler CD -"Aber der Kult lebt weiter"
1997 Radiosendung Antenne Unna
1997 Interviews zu Ollis Videos
1997 Demo - "Schlagen zurück!"
1998 Wipe Out CD Sampler (3 Songs)
1998 Arschmusik Vol.1 CD (3 Songs)
1998 FBS-Skatevideos (1 Song)
1998 Antifa Bericht (Kanal Dortmund T.V.)
1998 Promo Tape (erste Aufnahme mit Bo)
1999 Arschmusik VOl.2 CD (2 Songs)
1999 Antifa Castrop-CD (1 Song)
1999 Arschmusik Vol.3 (1 Song)
2000 audiophonehardcorekimme CD
2001 V/A - 28 Tales From The Pit CD
2001 V/A - Nakamu Cd-Label-Sampler CD
2001 V/A - Straight from the Heart Vol.1 CD
2001 V/A - Hot Cheese Enterprises CD
2001 V/A - Wellenbrecher Vol. 2 CD
2002 audiophonehardcorekimme LP
2002 V/A - Most Wanted 3 CD
2002 V/A - Say Yes - Einfalt statt Vielfalt CD
2002 V/A - Like An Arrow CD
2002 46 Short/ KrombacherKK Split 7“
2002 V/A - Straight From The Heart Vol. 2 CD
2003 V/A - Fight For Your Dogs CD-Rom
2003 V/A - Back ToThe Beatles CD
2003 V/A - Wir haben nix zu verlieren CD-Rom
2004 Concave Skateboardvideo DIY „Asphaltsurfer“
2004 V/A - Tales from the Aberration CD
2004 V/A - Radio Mindfuck Do-CD
2005 V/A - Top5Records Labelsampler CD
2005 NEVER / EVER / FUCK / DIE 1993 - 2005 CD
+ tons of tapecompilations

Release-Info: 2005 NEVER / EVER / FUCK / DIE 1993 - 2005 CD
The mighty mighty Krombacherkellerkinder take leave with this farewell-cd after hanging around in the hardcore and punkrock community for over 12 years. The last stuff ever contains 12 new tracks and 20 bonus tracks mostly unreleased or sold out, for example a plastic-bomb-radioshow, some vinyl-only tracks, old demos, livetracks and other hot and nasty stuff. Expect some old-school-hardcore-skate-punk hits from the heart with power and passion, six fists full of energy and pissed lyrics. Released on Horror Business Records Lünen in cooperation with Rising Riot Records and Good Boys Records.