We started the Band in 1994. We’ve been all at school at this time in the same suburb Wiescherhöfen of the city Hamm. For kids in our age (15,16) it is really boring there. To do something and the love to the music was our connection, actually we all liked different kinds of music.
In April’94 we created the band and got our Instruments. We did not have any clue about rhythm, riffs or chords, but we had fun so that motivated us. Two years we just made a lousy sound, and then we got kicked out of our practise room. We went on an put an add in the newspapers where we got a new room for our band. Now we were looking for a name of our Band and chose PARANOYA. We made a “demo”, after a long tome of practise. Our first bassplayer decided to split with us, because he meant we are to “punky”. If this was the real reason... just speculation! In 1996 we found a new guy for this job, so that the band could go on. You've no idea. In Autumn/Winter that year a new guy was playing the bass. And guess what happend 2004? Yes, indeed, the guy on the bass was replaced by another guy on the bass. That's how it goes. Since then we are playing concerts, some are good, some are bad like in every other band and that was the »great history« of PARANOYA.

Hendrik - voc + git
Zwiebel - voc + git
Marco - bass
Thorsten – voc + drums


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