Button Production:

your band, label, sportclub or whatever is looking for nice and efficient giveaways. Maybe this is an alternative for you. We produce your own individual buttons (Pins, Punkerbrosche, ... you know Altitsch??!!).

We can make "one inch" cirlce buttons, itīs like ca. 25 mm (is what you can see). We need a motive as a jpeg or tif datatype in 300 dpi (dots per inch). If you had any questions just ask, donīt hestitate, we help where we can.

The prices are around:
from 100 0,30 euro/ each
from 500 stück 0,25 euro/ each
from 1000 stück 0,20 euro/ each
(taxes included, + postage)

For less or more quantities drop us a line!!!

Itīs better to talk first, maybe we have special offers at the moment: orders, help, request: horrorbiz@gmx.de