01. Straight Away
02. In My Future
03. I Know
04. The Good Old Times
05. By My Side
06. Stagediver
07. No Light
08. Lünen City
09. Policy
10. Gefragt
11. Abiturpunk
12. Wanna Get Drunk?
13. Kabelmörder
14. I Donīt Fit
Krombacherkellerkinder - s/t (CD)
HBR 001


Hui, first horrorbiz release. I played guitar on this record, my first real band. After a couple of demotapes we decided to do the next step. To found a label and put a out a real cd, we thought about the possibility to bring the shit on vinyl, but it had been to expensive for us at that time, so digital shit. We recorded the songs on an 8track tape recorder but the sound is not crappy, rough and original hardcore and punkrock with the lünen flavour. 12 Tracks + two bonus songs. We did 1.000 copies mostly sold in Lünen, later then we toured all around germany and spread the last ones. Sold out for many years.