01. FLI - No Poems To Write
02. FLI - Fake Pure Hate
03. FLI - Sinners And Saints
04. FLI - Right Or Wrong
05. FLI - Defiant Youth
06. Hemp - resistance
07. Hemp - So Long To Go
08. Hemp - Not Easy
09. Hemp - Another Day
10. Hemp - Letīs Pack Our Bags
11. Hemp - On The Outside
12. Hemp - Canīt Stop The Time
13. Hemp - Integration/ Isolation
14. Hemp - One Day You Lose
15. Hemp - Mental Tragedy
Free Living Insanity / Hemp - Remote Controlled Life (CD)
HBR 024

Melodic punk is not dead, this is the proof. But don`t wait for lalalala-looser punk(?). After their debut cd F.L.I. are back with five brand new tracks, hope you see them supporting some Satanic Surfers shows, you will see, they rock. Hemp recorded ten of their best songs, dirty skatepunk as it used to be. A fat cover layout completed this great record. Don`t miss!