01. Lack Of Respect
02. Not Afraid
03. Second Chance
04. When Narrow Minds Meet
05. For Us
06. Thousand Times Before
07. Kids Of 2K1
08. Girls Mosh Harder
09. Is Anybody There
Sincerity - Knowing this won't last forever... (CD)
HBR 025

This 9 song MCD , recorded by Menno Bakker at The Netherland's famous Bunt Studios, is oldschool hardcore played with heart and passion by 2 boys and girls. Take note : re-inventing hardcore is not on Sincerity's agenda. NO SLOW - ALL GO ! This MCD contains the songs of the "kids of 2k1" 7",plus 4 unreleased tracks and is a coop between Black Sheep Records, Platinum Recordings and Horror Business Records.