01. Artificial Paradise
02. Cold Comfort
03. Feel
04. Red Eyed Reality
05. You Get Me Now
My Favorite Chord - Red Eyed Reality (CD)
HBR 027

My Favorite Chord from münster/dortmund (germany) released their first cd-ep (red eyed reality) on horrorbiz and ass-card records in 2002. they started in the year 2004 with a new singer and with the recording of their first full length cd. this recordings turned into the cd "romance is dead". all members spent at least over 10 years in other bands and gained a lot of experience in playing live, as well as in recording. within the last 2 years my favorite chord worked hard on their live appearance. they played a lot of headlining clubshows, as well as support-shows for donots, the bones, pale, chewy and standstill. at the beginning of this year my favorite chord decided to join sascha kramski at lauterstudio and to record the new songs, they´ve been working on the last months. they picked sascha who is doing livesound for muff potter, donots and waterdown and also recorded and produced the new force of change record. the recordings have been mastered by kai blankenberg at skyline studios in düsseldorf. kai also works with bands like beatsteaks, quest for rescue and many more. with this follow up release to their previous cd-ep, my favorite chord from münster/dortmund deliver their strongest songs so far. great melodies, catchy choruses, fantasic backround vocals and a strong songwriting, prove that this guys are working hard and steadily!