01. Corredor
02. Engano
03. Celebrinada
04. Café da manhã no Mosca-frita
05. Canção de chinelos virados
06. Terapia em grupo
07. A semana
08. Ócio do ofício
09. Vaselina
10. Medo de acampamentos
11. Para curar humanos
12. Cotovelo de ouro
13. Letra de roque
14. Alma sem alça
15. Doses homeopáticas
16. Olhar pro teto
17. O elemento que eu represento
Jason - Regressao CD
HBR 056

“Regressao” is Jason´s fourth studio album. JASON are from Rio De janeiro, brasil, and they create an own style over the years. Crazy, really crazy, hardcore with a special brasilian note. This is what Leonardo is saying about their new cd: "When we decided to make the new album, I had a lot of riffs in small tapes recorded in my room during the last years. I showed them to our drummer and we started to make the connection between this parts and that parts. We always wanted to make the most agressive and fast songs we ever had. And we did it. But we cannot escape from other influences we had all over our lives and when you listen to "Regressao", you will see that other elements are there. They came as natural as possible. Just playing a turned off electric guitar in my room or Marcelo (Drums) doing the same, we don´t have to think to write a song. In truth the best way is not planning, just make your arms and brain work for free. The heart? Yes, let him work too. Is better listen. The hardcore is there, the metal, the strange riffs and chords. Sometimes their are happy, other times sad and anger. Like us playing alive. Is a CD where you will find too many emotions. You cannot observe from only one direction. That´s simply not possible."