01. Confusion
02. One Life
03. Sickness
04. Strong Belief
05. Break Me Down
06. Just A Game
07. Fall in Darkness
08. Shatter Bonds
09. What I Lost Today
10. Book Of Memories
FTX - Between Ghosts And Shadows (CD)
HBR 057

FTX from Nevers, France, deliver us a catchy, melodic and intense old school hardcore record that can convince through power, heavyness and a bunch of various ideas. While coming straight from the french hardcore basis they made a name over europe due to their different tours in the last years. FTX bomb ten rageous songs that will make you just going nuts, point your fingers and finally circle the motherfucking pit! "Between Ghosts And Shadows" is the bands second album after their demo, their sold out debut album "Life is too short" and their great split CD with germanies WOOF. It's for you if you like Comeback kid, Verse and Carry On.