1. Big.Town.Beat
2. Join The Bundeswehr
3. Fake Utopia
4. Homophobiac
5. Schweinepest
6. Wanna Be
7. Shit in My Head
8. Einzigartig Eigenartig
9. Religion
10.Want More
Straight Corner - Gewehr bei Fuss (CD)
HBR 059

Straight Corner’s second album “Gewehr bei Fuss” is still old school Punkrock in the veins of older AFI or Adolescents with a small hardcore edge here and there. Yes, this cd is not about reinventing the wheel, it´s simply a punkrock record made by a band from the scene. The bands approach is about playing live, having fun and bring their mostly critical messages about mankind and society containing self-portrayal, the media, the army, stupidity and bullshit like fashism peppered with some irony. ON TOUR with LOVE EQUALS DEATH (Fatwreck Chords) in December 2007: 14.Dec. 2007 - Prague (cz) @ Rock Café, 15.Dec. 2007 - Opole (pl) @ MOK, 16.Dec. 2007 - Oswiecim (pl) @ B-Azyl Club, 18.Dec. 2007 - Berlin @ Tommyhaus, 19 Dec. 2007 - Minden @ Hamburger Hof, 20.Dec. 2007 - Hamburg @ Scope, 21 Dec. 2007 - Morrmerland @ Juz Phönix, 22.Dec. 2007 - Bocholt @ FCKW.