1. Neue Werte
2. You 3. Blood, Sweat and Cheers
4. Turning Tide
5. Semi-Automatic
Woof - Blood Sweat and Cheers (7")
HBR 060

Five brand-new tracks of paderbornīs finest dudes in hardcore. "Blood, Sweat and Cheers" is an anniversary vinyl 7" released to celebrate ten years of WOOF. "The same line-up, same music and still "Punk as Fuck"!!!" - Woof Woof Motherfucker! "Down to Earth" Hardcore done by the kids for the kids. In fact the dudes arenīt getting tired or even old and lame. No, the lyrics are catchier and the sound is a bigger blast than ever before. A real vinyl anniversary output for the masses. Limited to 500 copies in a worth package.