01. Killing Time
02. If I Give In
03. Rats Get Fat
04. Eyes Unclouded By Hate
05. Nothing Changes
06. Day In Day Out
07. Sundown
08. Sick Of You
09. Oblivion
10. Saturday Night
11. Love Me Please
12. Give Me A Reason
13. Fragile

Tony Gorilla - Season Of The Wolves LP
HBR 075

The Rock'n'Roll underground is alive and "Tony Gorilla" teach you the ins and outs. The Cult & Danzig meets Black Flag meets The Hellacopters, that's what this crazy train running through your ears is made of. And "live" this will hit you hard! They'll kick your ass with a raw and powerful punkrock-show full of passion and dedication without any doubt nor taking any prisoners. The musical influences of this bastard lie somewhere between the punk and hardcore music of the 80s and the rockbands of the 70s/80s - vital and throbbing out of every single sweating pore. After their debut record "Untamed Beast" (Hukl Räckorz/ SPV) "Season Of The Wolves" takes it to the next level. More intense, bigger, better - you'll find no half measures taken. Produced by Greif Hellhammer (SMOKE BLOW) this album is already one of the hottest personal tips in 2011. Be ready to get blown away!