1. The Flight
2. Drowning In The Mud
3. Overthrown By Vermin
4. Local Meat Traffic
5. Fortune Cookie
6. Who's To Blame
7. Bible Grind
8. The Lovely Side Of Losing
9. Selling Safety
10. News For The Honest Citizen
11. Regener In Blood
12. Vengeance Of An Introvert
13. Half-Circle Culture
14. Going Nuts For Nuts
15. Supporting Madball In The Village
16. I Destroyed Punk
17. Hartz Bier

HBR 083

POWER, founded 2009 in Kiel, are a five headed music thing that mixes numerous styles of 80s and early 90s punk and metal lovingly into a tasty menu, without taking themselves too serious. From clear political statements, more or less serious personal issues and a pinch of the absurd POWER are creating astute anecdotes for sophisticated suckers. Following a demo, two EP's and up to 100 concerts POWER demonstrate now on the first album, "Overthrown by Vermin" that there are some delicacies to find anywhere between SLAYER and NOFX. Lean back and enjoy a VULGAR DISPLAY OF PUNK!