1. ABC
2. Stand Land Stolz
3. Roter Teppich Schwarz Geteert
4. Aus Glas Oder Wat
5. Muckibudenparade
6. Ich Wette
7. True Love
8. Zufrieden
9. Eins Fuffzich
10. Keine Orden

Straight Corner - Roter Teppich Schwarz Geteert LP
HBR 084

Straight Corner rolls out the red carpet black tarred with their latest release for themselves now. After more than 13 years of punk rock business, playing a lot of shows and tours throughout Europe, this is the fourth and also the first vinyl-only release of the guys from Koblenz Germany.

"Roter Teppich Schwarz Geteert" (Red Carpet Black Tarred) fits into the overall picture, and is a natural evolution inter alia justified by the join of guitarist Philip. So are the songs on RTSG tighter and melody richer than its predecessor, without sacrificing power and hardcore edges. The German lyrics questioning our scene and telling stories about issues that move the band in person.