ASIFLASH - AsiCore aus Kölle
COBRETTI - young and fresh cologne km-hardcore
DENY EVERYTHING - love these guys from cologne, kid dynamite till I die
DICHTER a.D. - Svenīs (Not Enough) Band, Rock with german lyrics
DISOBEY - - this band is in love with kelly trump, one of the nicest bands ariound
DISTANCE IN EMBRACE - mindenīs emocore-mosh-machine
DOWNRIDE - new rock formation from the local scene
FOR $ALE - hitting the stages for ages, werner wiese new-metal, friends for years
INFECTED - Shröda (For Sale) is playing bass here, alternative rock
HOODS UP - Lexis new band, youth crew sXe from hamburg
KILLING CHORD - Boīs new band, beifang trashcore
MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU - daveīs new promising band, call it what you want
MOSHCIRCUS - dortmunds darkest bloodmetal
NEIN NEIN NEIN - Punk - knackig, praktisch, gut - MīGladbach
NOT ENOUGH - one foot in the grave, but still old school and pissed
OVERHEAD KICK - young, fast, rules - hc back in selm
SHIRASAYA - better watch your back, this moshmetalmonster breaks your neck
SIDETRACKED - raging thrashcore massacre from unna
SIX BALLS ONE - burning beat melodic punk aka beggarcore from dortmund
SLUP - this guys rock, finest ruhrpott-ska and reggae PUNK
STEVE AUSTIN - Paderbonz Blast Orchestra and brothers in crime
STRAIGHT CORNER - straight forward punkrock like old AFI-sytle, damn cool
TACKLEBERRY - fast and furious northcore
THE FORCE WITHIN - yeah, they have the force within
WOOF - one of the best hardcore bands in germany, Paderbonz All School HC
YACÖPSAE - hamburg and germanies grind number one


ASSCARD RECORDS - fritz and tobi with excellent bands and records
CITYRAT RECORDS - dülmenīs no. 1 record label
CORETEX RECORDS - 20 years of champion HC and Punkrock in Berlin, store and mailorder
GOOD BOYS RECORDS - da bastards ulf and kräher run a label
IXODES RECORDS - markus's heart is beating "old school"
PER KORO RECORDS - Mailorder and store based in Bielefeld, full range of hc, punk and more
RISING RIOT RECORDS - very good d.i.y. old school/thrash label
VILLAGE KIDS RECORDS - be inspired by a woof track, new hardcore label


BOARDSTEIN MAG - for da real skate and punkrock shit
DUST & BONES MAGAZIN - spanish magazine, every 3 months, for free
GET ADDICTED - local zine around Red Griffins and Day By Day boys
LOCAL MUSICSCENE - internet radio, infos around your local scene
LOCAL UNDERGROUND - supporting the local scene, news, radio and more
OX FANZINE - quasi the major-label in the fanzine area, years of quality and quantity
PLASTIC BOMB - Fachzeitschrift für Punks und Straßenköter
UNDERDOG FANZINE - fred is doing an excenllent job, check this one, D.I.Y., printed
YOUīRE NOT ALONE - free hc, punk and metal zine from 2 crazy dutch men


2nd HAND MUSIC - Straight Corner supporting bands in Koblenz
BASEMENTSHOWS - booking shows for you
BERUFSSTUDENT - muckis concert pix, more than worth a click
DESPERATE DAYS- lexi desings cover, homepages, ... good work
DORTMUND ROCK CITY- do you wanna know what is going on with rock in Dortmund?
FUA INDUSTRIES - Skatewear from Lünen City
FZW - Freizeitzentrum West, Dortmund, we do shows here
GATE TO HELL - backline rental dortmund city
HIT AND AND RUN SHOWS - nice concert dudes in kölle, shout it out "zerlegen"
JZ YELLOWSTONE - best youth club of the world
LAZY MONKEYS - concert group in castrop with a bad taste
PAINTHOUSE - the new club in Dortmund-Husen, ex Sacre Cour
POSITIVE RECORDS - the label is ad acta, but backs is working harder than ever before
TAKE ME AWAY - the grapic-arse who's responsible for this site, give him work!!!


GREED RECORDS - good mailorder and shop in bielefeld, focused: hardcore, crust and punkrock
Major Threat - new and fair mailorder for hc/punk/metal/whatever