JZ Yellowstone:

General Information:
JZ Yellowstone is a youth club in Bergkamen-Oberaden (near Dortmund) where Horror Business Records is setting up shows on a regularly basis since January 2001 in teamwork with the JZ Yellowstone Crew. We try to bring you one show a month, always on fridays.

It started back in 1998 with the first Horrorbiz Label Festival. I knew the jz crew from the shows I played there with my bands before and I could never imagine a better place and nicer people, I guess I simply appreciate the good atmosphere and the warm welcome. JZ Yellowstone is and was on a straight line while other cities and youth club closed their doors for live music acts and escpecially punkrock kids and hardcore nerds.

Horror Business Records and JZ Yellowstone Crew try to combine some philosophies. To bring better known national acts and international bands from all around the world (brasil, usa, england, france, …) to the city, but without forgeting the local scene. We are looking forward that we have a good sound system and lights to bring the rock in a way that the rock deserves. The shows are mixed, bandwise and also musicwise. Itīs mostly Punkrock, Hardcore and Ska. We try to offer fair entrance and drinks.

In my point of view JZ Yellowstone developed to one of the best concert-places in the ruhrpott area. It had been a hard start in the beginning, but things are going well and WITH YOUR SUPPORT it seems that Yellowstone has been established over the years. We never expected that – Thanks beggars!

Yeah, what else should I say, hope to see you rocking at one of our shows!!!
Feel like home and support your local scene!!!

For more infos about further youth club activities check www.soundclub-bergkamen.de

Route to Yellowstone:

JZ Yellowstone
Preinstraße 14
59192 Bergkamen-Oberaden
Phone: 0049-2306-8917

- You can come from two highways: A1 (European Number is E 37) or A2 (European Number is E 34)

- drive direction to the city of KAMEN(in the near there is a big highway crossing "Kamener Kreuz" too

- from A1 you have to change the highway on that crossing to highway A2 direction "Dortmund".

- from A2 take exit Number 15: Bergkamen/ Lünen/ ...

- drive to Lünen, after a few km you will come to "bergkamen-oberaden"

- there is a crossing (on the leftside is a small gasstation) drive right

- follow the street (30 km Zone), the street will do a right-turn, donīt follow drive straight there

- just a few meters than left in the "preinstraße", next possiblity right, forward to the halfpipe and you see the entrance, there is a parking place too

- Congratulation, you made it!

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